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5 Tips for Enjoying the Holiday Season Without Ruining Your Teeth

December 10, 2020

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Woman smiling on New Year's Eve

Now that the holidays are almost here, you probably have all sorts of fun things in mind. Whether you are heading to a relative’s place or just keeping festive at home this year, there are all sorts of fun holiday foods and activities to look forward to. However, this time of year isn’t the best on your smile. Fortunately, a dentist in Highland Park is here to help you out. Read on for some useful tips to help you out throughout the festive season.


How to Avoid Three of the Most Common Oral Health Issues

November 12, 2020

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man smiling with healthy teeth

Millions of people struggle with oral health issues every year, and they are no respecter of age. Although they could happen to anyone, there are things you can do to decrease the risk of developing them. Keep reading to learn what your Highland Park dentist has to say about the most common oral health issues and the steps you can take to better avoid them.


Want to Save Money? Visit Your Dentist

October 16, 2020

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Dentist in Highland Park holding tooth and money.Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to save money, so you might go without certain services to reduce your expenses. You might even skip your routine appointments with your dentist in Highland Park. Despite your good intentions, you’re actually increasing your dental expenses. Believe it or not, here are 3 ways visiting your dentist can lower your oral health costs.


5 Qualities Good Dental Implant Candidates Have

August 12, 2020

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Model of dental implants

Choosing the right tooth replacement option can be difficult. You want something that is long lasting, functional, and blends in with the rest of your smile. Dental implants are a preferred choice of both dental professionals and patients alike, but are they right for you? Read on to learn about five important characteristics that could determine if you are a good dental implant candidate.


Does Your Insurance Cover Dental Implants?

May 14, 2020

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Woman with dental implants smiling outside

If you’re missing teeth, you’ve probably been researching various replacement options. Of these dental solutions, dental implants have quickly become one of the most popular. Rooted in the jawbone, dental implants look, feel, and function just like your natural teeth. In fact, they’re the only replacement that can restore the teeth from the roots up. However, with these benefits, there tends to be a higher price tag. Does your dental insurance cover dental implants? What factors determine the cost of your treatment? Read on to find out from your dentist in Highland Park.


The 3 Worst Effects Coffee Has on Your Smile

March 11, 2020

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Steaming mug of hot coffee on a wooden table

Everyone knows that a hot cup of coffee in the morning doesn’t leave you with the freshest breath. However, this popular caffeinated beverage causes a lot more than a simple case of halitosis. Given enough time, your average mug of joe can have a significant effect on your pearly whites and your oral health. Your Highland Parks dentist explains how that cup of coffee is influencing your smile and what you can do about it.


Want To Close a Gap In Your Smile? A Cosmetic Dentist Has Fast, Easy Options

February 16, 2020

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Woman with a gap between her front teeth before seeing a cosmetic dentist

Some cultures consider a gap between your teeth as a sign of good luck, prosperity, and beauty. Of course, in other cultures it’s not uncommon for people to feel self-conscious about their gap! If you fall into the latter category, you’ll be glad to know that there are multiple solutions that make it easier than ever to achieve a gap-free smile. Keep reading to learn about two procedures from a cosmetic dentist in Highland Park that can be done in a couple of visits or less. 


Tips for Improving Your Smile in the Upcoming Year!

December 24, 2019

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older man smiling with nice teeth

As the new year hovers on the horizon, it’s natural to feel compelled to make improvements in your appearance. If you have smile flaws that have left you feeling less confident and hesitant to show your ivories, then this is the perfect time to take action so that the upcoming year can be full of positivity. As you continue reading, your dentist in Dallas lists some of the avenues available for creating the smile of your dreams!


The Benefits of Dental Implants vs. Dentures

November 23, 2019

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person in thought

Everybody’s mouth is different, and everyone has different needs, that’s why some people may benefit more from getting dental implants in Uptown instead of dentures. In any case, it’s important to research the benefits both have to offer and make a side-by-side comparison before you visit your dentist for a consultation. That way, you can have a list of questions prepared and find out what solution is the best for your unique situation. Read on to learn about the benefits both have to offer.


Your Teeth Can Make You Look Older – Here’s How to Reverse the Clock!

September 18, 2019

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older woman with attractive smile

With every birthday that goes by, should you expect your teeth to have a more aged and dated look? Your cosmetic dentist in Dallas says, “No, you don’t have to settle for this!” As you continue reading, you’ll learn about the challenges that aging can present for your teeth, and how you can fight back with preventive and restorative care, and cosmetic dentistry. The path to excellent oral health and gorgeous teeth is now available to you!

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