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Single Tooth Dental Implant – Highland Park, TX

The Most Reliable and Attractive Tooth Replacement

While patients missing a single tooth may think that it’s no big deal, it can eventually lead to some serious issues. That’s because teeth rely on a system of shared tension to maintain their correct position. Thus, prolonged tooth absence can encourage the surrounding teeth to shift. Not only does this contribute to poor occlusion (bite); it also can leave the gums vulnerable to developing infection. To prevent this from happening, Dr. Sandadi places single tooth dental implants in Highland Park. Contact us today to request a visit so you can experience the absolute best in oral health!

Comparing the Single Tooth Replacement Options

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The available routes for replacing a single tooth are fixed bridges and dental implants. Here are some details about each process:

  • Fixed Bridge – A procedure that restores a tooth from the gums up, a fixed bridge consists of a single porcelain crown that is bonded to the two adjacent crowns. This requires a preparation process, where a thin layer of enamel is removed from each tooth before the new crowns are placed.
  • Single Tooth Dental Implant – Replacing the entire tooth structure, from the root to the crown, the single tooth dental implant is a titanium rod that is inserted into the jawbone to provide the missing stability of the original tooth root. By mimicking the root’s function, it triggers the jawbone to continue growing, which makes for a longer-lasting and stronger replacement.

Benefits of Implant-Supported Single Tooth Replacements

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At Highland Smiles Dental, we provide patients with the most secure and reliable form of tooth replacement available: dental implant insertion. Here are some of the specific advantages of receiving an implant-supported single crown:

  • With proper care, it can last 30 years to a lifetime.
  • After 10 years, on average, 95% of dental implants are still functional.
  • By attaching beneath the gum line, it creates a realistic and appealing smile.
  • It restores up to 75% of your original chewing capacity, allowing you to eat the foods you love.
  • It replaces the entire tooth structure, and it doesn’t require any alterations to the other teeth.

Contact Highland Smiles Dental Today

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To move forward with receiving the smile of your dreams, the first step is to reach out to us to schedule an initial visit. While you’re here, your dentist in Highland Park will carefully examine your mouth, gums and remaining teeth to make sure the procedure is best suited for your needs. Then, we’ll fully restore your smile and functionality. To get started, contact us to request a visit!